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Can I add my own content to the website?

You can add your own images, texts, videos etc to the website however you wish. All the demo pages shown in this website are fully customizable with your own content.

Does Shimmer theme work with Gutenberg?

Yes! We designed all these pages and posts with Gutenberg blocks and prepared you importable files for custom pages so that you can effortlessly import, add your own content and achieve the same look.

Does Shimmer theme work on phones and tablets?

Yes. Wander theme is fully responsible. Meaning that it would look good on your phone as it does on a desktop.

Do I have to pay monthly to use Shimmer?

You pay only once for Wander theme. And then you can use it on your website as long as you wish. Plus, you’ll get future updates for free. However, to host your WordPress website, you need to purchase a hosting service which is not included with theme purchase.

Can I purchase Shimmer for once and use it on other websites too?

Please purchase one copy of the theme for each client website.

Can I use WooCommerce plugin with Shimmer theme?

At this point Shimmer theme doesn’t support WooCommerce. We’re working to add this feature soon.

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